Meditation Music


The polyphony of most sound tracks offered by Deep Meditation Studio (studio of deep meditation) with different effects and changing harmonies is designed to effectively enable the mental and emotional strata of a human being to enter and persist in a state of inner harmony, effortless perception of the Existence. This music could also be called sound therapy, transcendental atmospheric music.

The compositions are designed for an audience capable of subtle perception of the world of sounds, deep immersion and transcendence.

It has to be explained that the proposed musical format does not quite fit the conventional, prevailing notion of meditative music as such. There is no melody and no rhythm. This sound of spheres helps one to attain the meditative state of consciousness. From the very first seconds or minutes you will understand whether it’s yours or not, whether it turns you on or leaves you indifferent!

The site has links and keys, providing absolutely free access for listening to profound meditative compositions from the beginning to the end (Full-length preview).

Have a good trip and thanks for your time!



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