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Sound of eternity/Free listening/ The first album of the new release is “Sound of Eternity” with two tracks – “Sounds of Eternity part one and part two”. These tracks are meant to assist one with spiritual transformation. There are sound vibrations that are meant for harmonizing the mind and healing. It is transcendental and helps the mediator take a journey through the depths of their psyche – getting to the depths of one’s inner self. All of the different levels of this composition are meant to guide one through the layers of consciousness and explore a wide range of feelings. The resonating and vibrating sounds take you out of chaotic thought processes and into the smooth, glowing and peaceful meditative state that is desired.

Download at  iTunes, AmazonCDBaby


Outside the mental cloudiness- - meditation music/Free listening/ Another album being released is “Outside the Mental Cloudiness” with three tracks as well that are part one and part two and there is also “Out of  phrases”. The object of these tracks is to help you with healing sound vibrations so that you, the listener and one who is meditating, are able to experience transcendence. Music therapy for the soul, if you will. The sound vibrations create a flow that the listener merges with, becoming one with the music in order to understand your inner existence that will tell you what you need. As you sit still and listen to this music, that inner existence is your guide – you can trust this inner voice as you go with the musical flow and relax.

Download at  iTunes, AmazonCDBaby


depth of consciousness - meditation music/Free listening/ The third album that is being released is “Depth of Consciousness” with three tracks. There is “Depth of Consciousness” part one and part two and there is also “Amplitude of Perceptions”. This is very deep and ambient music for meditation. It is calming for your mind and body. It is very spiritual and excellent for helping the listener go deep and meditate further or longer. These tracks are both active and passive assistants for the journey to your deepest thoughts and feelings, your inner space that needs to be emptied in order for you to fill it back up with peaceful and meditative thoughts – perfect for self-immersion. There are also sounds for getting your energy centers activated and highly productive. These energy centers are sometimes referred to as chakras). This is music that will help you cleanse your mind.

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waterness - new deep meditation studio's album“Waterness” /Free listening/ Single.

Music of Nature – The sounds of ocean/sea waves with ambient background music. Natural Healing Relaxing music.

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deepnesium“Deepnesium” /Free listening/ Single.

This unique music for transcendental meditation practice consists of rich ambient sounds that can immerse the listener into a deep meditative state. This track is well to use as music therapy and background music for relaxation.

Download at iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, Yandex music


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